Fall Fundraising Campaign by Diane Ngo

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is an organization that’s near and dear to my heart. They provide amazing support to many who live with physical challenges desiring to compete and live more active lives. They have grant program that provides financial support for equipment, training and competition costs. I received a grant this year and really benefiting from the support. CAF raises about $1m annually but the amount of recipients have doubled where they are not able to fund all applicants. Therefore, this year, I am fundraising this program by selling my art cards - a set of four prints shown below for $20. Please consider partnering with us by making a purchase of the cards and any print purchase you make!

Monochrome Work by Diane Ngo

This past year, I fell in love with some black and white photographs taken by a fabulous friend and photographer, Carissa Graham. They were great black and white stills of her kids that displayed her amazing skills at using shadows and light. Her work inspired me to do a new series of not just pen & ink, but incorporating my love of the different hues of gray tones to replicate the shadows, light and movement.  Here are the first two in the monochrome series which I hope to complete by year end. Thank you Carissa for being an amazing inspiration through your vision, heart and passion! You can check out her work at http://carissagphotography.com/

Sinking Sailboat

Sinking Sailboat

Downtown LA 

Downtown LA 

The Arrival of Sakura by Diane Ngo

It has been a very dreary and wet Winter and Spring for us here in the Bay Area. I was inspired by a recent photographed that my friend, Mandy Chang, posted on her Instagram feed. One of the good fruits that can come from a lot of rain, are amazing blossoms in our gardens and vegetation. Since December, I have been tinkering with Japanese brush pen work to create more movement, as you can see from the Descanso Gardens and Ha Long Bay pieces. Here is the third in this series appropriately titled, "The Arrival of Sakura". Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossoms which signals the arrival of spring captured by the bright colors and color combinations of pinks blues and greens in this marker and pen ink work. This 11" x 14" original work is now available for purchase. Drop me an email if you are interested. The highest bidder will get this piece. All proceeds go to support André Kajlich RAAM 2017 campaign. Thank you for your support!

The Arrival of Sakura - Mixed media on 11" x 14" marker paper (2017).

The Arrival of Sakura - Mixed media on 11" x 14" marker paper (2017).

Bao Linh Art Launch by Diane Ngo

Welcome to Bao Linh Art!

Thank you for checking out my new online art gallery! 

This is a dream come true and a long time in the making. Last year, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to display several of my artworks at Farley's Coffee here in San Francisco - what an amazing experience! After this showing, I was convinced that a centralized place to showcase my work was needed! As you know I lost my dad in 2015 and it continues to be difficult dealing with the grief of losing him. Therefore, this website is dedicated to him. Proceeds from sale of any work goes to support my favorite charities. My parents lived the important value to pay it forward and not forget where we came from. They instilled this guiding principle in me and it is my hope and desire to live this out through Bao Linh Art. Displayed at the website are pieces categorized into four areas: black and white (pen ink work), color, faces, and landscapes. I invite you to visit the website and provide any candid feedback and suggestions on how I can improve it! It is a work-in-progress. =) 

Please also sign up for quarterly newsletters. I'll also be actively blogging as inspiration hits and sharing my quirky Momo perspective of the around me.

To date, over 20 pieces of work have been sold and over $3,000 raised to support the important work done locally and globally by the Challenged Athletes Foundation (http://www.challengedathletes.org/), Compassion International (https://www.compassion.com/), Heartbeet Lifesharing (http://heartbeet.org/), Shriner's Hospital for Children (https://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/), UNICEF (https://www.unicef.org/), and Wheels for the World (http://www.joniandfriends.org/wheels-for-the-world/)! It humbles me to witness others wanting to purchase one or let alone any of my work. So HUGE thanks to those who commissioned or purchased an artwork! Your donations go to support vulnerable populations around the globe.

With this official launch announcement, I am excited to share a partnership with André Kajlich, ultra endurance athlete and someone I highly respect. We recently met through a fundraising event that the Challenged Athletes Foundation held for André. What makes him so special is he is a world class athlete and a double-amputee. André thrives on pushing and testing himself not just physically but mentally and spiritually. This makes him inspirational to everyone who meets him. He definitely has touched and inspired me. 

For the over 3 years, André attempted to qualify for the prestigious and grueling Race Across America (RAAM) competition, which is a 12 day time trial endurance bike marathon that starts in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis, MD. Think Tour De France, with the clock never stopping and where sleep is optional!  Intense right?! This past Jan, André qualified as the first solo hand cyclist to compete in RAAM - an amazing feat!!!  

Check out the trailer to a documentary that's being filmed about his journey, read his bio, and follow him when he begins his race on June 13th!  http://www.joyriderdoc.com/

After meeting André, I felt compelled to support his quest in my own "momo" way. Recently, I did a soft launch of my new Bao Linh Art cards - a total of 40 sets, with each set containing 5 artwork prints on fine watercolor stationary. These sold out in just 5 days and requests for more are still pouring in!  I'm making 80 more sets containing a special edition artwork to commemorate André's RAAM campaign. This piece represents his journey from his accident in Prague to him returning there as a symbol of hope, acceptance and freedom. It happens to be one of my best work to date.   All proceeds from sale of cards will be donated toward the fundraising goal of $50,000! 

This is more than just a man's journey to compete and finish a race. It represents the power of the human spirit and the beauty of what we can all accomplish when we come together to help, encourage and empower one another!  This is what I hope and envision for Bao Linh Art to be all about.

You can support us by ordering a set or more by replying to this email or texting me! I am currently taking orders and the sets should be ready to be delivered in May. Attached is a sample of the cards, along with the special edition sketch titled "rooftops and reflections over Prague".

Each set costs $25 (with additional $7 for shipping, includes tracking and insurance)

Payment options:

1) Check made out to Diane Ngo - email me for mailing address

2) PayPal - email dbngo@yahoo.com (select pay friends and family)

3) Chase Bank account holders can send $ through Quick Pay to dbngo@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading long email and considering joining us on this once in a lifetime adventure! 

Here's to André Kajlich's RAAM 2017 campaign and more opportunities for Bao Linh Art to make a positive difference!!!

Much love...


Bao Linh Art - André Kajlich RAAM 2017 Campaign

Bao Linh Art - André Kajlich RAAM 2017 Campaign